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V70 Anti Skid Service Message?

Been having intermittent problems with our 2004 V70. On occasion, it starts then immediately dies. “Anti Skid Service Required” is the message that appears. One mechanic told me the codes showed that there were communication problems in the computer network but couldn’t tell me more or fix anything. Took it to the dealer a few weeks ago. Dealer said same thing but also found codes indicating a bad Brake Control Module. $1200 for the part alone. Not knowing any better, we said ok; fix it. 3 weeks later the car strands my wife again - same error message appears. Dealer has had car 2 days now checking codes. Got a call yesterday that they think it’s the Transmission Control Module now. What the hell? Any ideas or similar experiences out there?

Sorry, but older Volvo’s (and yours in older now) have very complicated and unique systems that cost a boat load to have fixed by a Volvo dealer. I owned 2 V70XC’s over the years and found the cost of repairs was killing my budget. I sold the Volvos and my budget recovered.

Every repair was over $1,000, and over $2,000 was normal. Even using a good independant Volvo mechanic helped, and buying parts online helped (such as the drive shaft from front to back), but still the massive repairs bills kept coming and I finally said enough of this ----.

Your are entering Volvo hell. My advice, don’t fix it and trade it in. If you get another Volvo sell it or trade it prior to the new car warranty expiration.