HELP! 82 Volvo 240DL


I am the original owner of an 82 Volvo 240DL with 175,000 miles. I have a situation where my car stalls. It happens when I pull into a drive or parking space, especially when the parking space is on an incline. Originally I noticed it only when the a/c was on. This stalling has occurred for many years, and was mentioned to Volvo service departments. I have always had my car serviced by Volvo dealers with the exception of the last few years. Recently, I spoke with an independent repair shop who specializes in Volvo and told him of my recurring problem. He said that he believes the source of the problem is the ignition control module. He stated that the module was manufactured by Chrysler, and is no longer available. I enjoy the car otherwise, and would like to keep it. Any suggestions. Thanks so much. Bert


I would search out a volvo forum and see if they can help you source the module or come up with an alternate solution. There are plenty of these cars on the road, you can’t be the only one with this issue,


Yes, go to for a very good resource of all things Volvo.


Thanks so much for your reply and thoughts on my problem. It is appreciated. Bert


Thanks so much for your reply and thoughts on the subject. I have taken your advice. Bert