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06 xc90 anti skid service required warning light

Has anyone else had this warning light come on? I get this warning intermittently, I was told the this has to do with the DEM module. I spoke with a mechanic that rebuilds the DEM’s. He said the DEM module most likely is not bad, due to the fact that the problem is intermittent. Also, I checked the connection, it was wet, so I dried it up and reconnected. No warning light for 3 weeks after that.

Not many Volvo owners here. You might consider a cover for your DEM:

Thank you. Do you think this could be a connection issue? It does happen when it’s dry as well.

Could be. How intermittent are we talking? I’d take the connection apart and spray dielectric grease in it, reconnect, and see if there’s any change.

This happens about once every three times I dive the vehicle. If I stop and turn off the car it clears and may not do it again until the next time I drive the vehicle. I believe the code is 095 communication error.

I’ll do that tonight! Thank you for the tip on the cover. Once I get this figured out I’m going to invest in the cover.

Het1 did you figure anything out? I have the same problem in my 2008 xc90. It happens on hot days only. I get brake failure, anti skid failure and check engine. Car goes into some kind of safe mode and doesn’t shift out of 3rd (I think it is 3rd). Tach and speedometer work intermittently when this happens. Once I turn the car off, the codes all disappear; occasionally check engine stays on. Codes don’t save so the Volvo service dept can’t figure it out. They replaced the clock spring but that didn’t work. I dropped it off the other day and left it running so I hope they are able to figure something out since the codes should have all been active.