Anti-lock brack noise. abs light


Hi all. I have a 1996 Acura RL with 100,000 miles. The abs system has been making a noise. I say it’s growling at me. (grrrrr) Anyway, it will usually growl at start up for a few seconds. Recently it has been happening more and even growls while driving down the highway. I’m not talking about the noise the abs system makes when it turns on during braking. Today I took a 1 hour trip, (30 min. each way) and the abs light turned while driving down the highway, while going to and from. The only other time the abs light turned on was last year after a one week stay at Ohare airport during the winter. Any suggestions? Is this a mechanic fix or possible diy? Thanks in advance. Jason.


The ABS system uses sensors and a controller. With the light on, the controller has detected a problem, and has turned off the ABS system. You’ll need to get the system scanned for trouble codes to determine the problem. The fix could be DIY if it is just a sensor gone bad.