Abs light


i have a 1995 honda accord. the abs light is coming on, but right before it does there is a clicking noise coming from the glove box area. any ideas?


You need to have your ABS codes pulled and post what code numbers you get. I don’t know if some of the auto parts places that pull engine CEL codes for free will do ABS also. Wouldn’t hurt to check.

This warnings system turns on the ABS indicator light when one or more of the below described abnormalitieis is detected.
This is only a partial list.

When the operating time of the motor in the power unit exceeds the specified period.

When vehicle running time exceeds 30 seconds without releasing the parking brake lever.

When one of the rear wheels is locked during running

When absence of speed signals from any of the four wheel sensors is detected.

When the activation time of all solenoids exceeds a given time or an open or short circuit is detected in the solenoid system.

When solenoid output is not detected in the simulated anti-lock brake system operation carried out during running at speeds of 6 mph (1O km/h) or more.

There are several componets that could be at fault. The codes will tell us which circut is at fault. Then someone should be able to help you. If you are wanting to try to repair this yourself I have a service manuel for a 93 Prelude that may be similar as your 95 Accord. We’ll have to check.

The clicking sound you are hearing is probably a relay that goes to your ABS system.


midas said i needed rear rotors and pads would this cause the abs light to go on?


If the rotors are damaged on the teeth that the ABS uses to sense the rotation of the wheels then yes it could.

But as stated earlier have codes pulled to know for sure.


midas said i needed rear rotors and pads would this cause the abs light to go on?

Get the codes read and and bring the results back here. Get the codes like P0123 and not just an English translation, or worse yet a mechanic’s (salesman’s) translation of it.


thanks man i’ll get back to you