ABS light

I have a 1995 Acura Integra LS with 124,000 miles. In January, I noticed that the ABS light would not go off after start up sometimes. I live in the mid- Atlanic region. The light would be off when the engine was cold, but if I turned off the engine and restarted when the engine was warmed up, the ABS light would remain on. Now that it is summer, it rarely sticks on. Dealer said it was the computer and would cost $1845.00 to replace. Bearing in mind the age of the car and the mileage, they thought it might not be worth repairing. I’m not convinced it is the computer. Any thoughts. Thanks.

Find a independent mechanic shop

Give these guys a call and see if they can rebuild yours:


They do VW ABS controllers for about $250, with a warranty. Not sure on the specifics of the Honda/Acura ABS controllers. but these guys might be able to help. I know on a VW, you can pull the computer and the vehicle is still perfectly driveable, albeit without ABS, while the rebuild yours. Might be the same in the Acura as well.

Thanks for the tip. I went out to www.modulemaster.com. They don’t handle Acuras. That actually lines up with what an independent mechanic told me. Before the 2000 model year, Acura had proprietary rights on the controller and only the dealer could change them. I guess the light stays on. Thanks for your comments.

This is a very low tech 12 year car that is essentially a plebian Honda Civic. I think a corner garage can handle this one.

I think first: I’d inspect the wires going to the wheel sensors. Make sure there are not cut or frayed
wires. This would be your best bet. When the light is on check the fuse with a curcuit tester and when it is off with a circuit tester. Sometimes the fuse is not blown, but cracked. (but its rare).
Get some 2nd and 3rd opinions, not from dealers. Dealers tend to go for the most expensive item to replace.
A sensor comes on when it “sees” something outside its pre-set parameters.

I agree. If the speed sensors and wiring harnesses haven’t been thoroughly checked out, you shouldn’t be thinking in terms of the controller unit. Controllers DO fail on occasion, but it’s much less likely than that the sensors are bad. Bear in mind, sensors live down on the wheel assemblies (normally), and are routinely subjected to harsh conditions (water, slushy road spray, road debris, you name it). And sensor replacements are less expensive than controller replacements.

2% rule.


I didn’t see that model on their website, but it might be worth a phone call to them if you haven’t already.