Answer thoroughly!

How do you put an xbox360 in a 2004 volvo xc90 with a sunroof? please answer this one and think about your answer WISELY!!!

Is this a test of some kind? A challenge?
To see if anyone is as clever as you have been?

Sorry, I don’t choose to play.
Maybe someone else wants to play.

Come on, Ruben! What’s your problem? Be thorough in your answer (keep it electrically and or mechanically oriented).

Can I play too?

I can’t resist…

The same way I’d put it in any vehicle- open the door and put it in.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t paly video games and drive a car at the same time - I need one hand for my cell phone and the other for my Big MAC and I can’t play vidoe games with one knee without spilling the drink I’m holding in my crotch (My other knee is busy steering and my cup holder is full of loose change and toll reciepts).

Ruben, what the heck are you doing? You’re peppering the forum with random questions all totally unrelated to one another and now you’re demanding of us?

If you’re playing some sort of game, kindly knock it off. We’ve been more than than tolerant with you.

I will not answer this or any more of your posts. The sad part is that if you really do need help with a car problem you’ll have worn out your welcome and nobody will respond.

But kids today are better at multitasking than us old guys.

It has a sunroof. If the sunroof is open, he wouldn’t have to open the door! That’s what sunroofs are for, isn’t it?

You’re no fun, he has to do something after school. At least he’s not downloading porn like the other kids (Ops, forget I said that).

I’m beginning to think this is not a kid. Just someone with a synaptic wiring problem.

Is there a difference?

Think about my answer WISELY? Or else what? You’ll tell your gym teacher on me?

P.S. Thank you for the entertainment. ericpjxs and boxwrench haven’t posted anything for a while.

Ill take a shot,a quarter of the way.or quarter turn. 360 divided by 90

I think the wisest response to Ruben is what WOPPR finally figured out at the end of Wargames.

Aren’t you going to put it in your $80,000 Escalade? It’s got an electric cooled pony harness with fuel injection!

ah ha… i actually have the answer!


It’s finally possible to make a Volvo exciting. There really are different levels of ownership.

Ruben: If we get it wrong will you stop posting on here?