97 volvo 850R

Just picked up a 97 volvo 850 R. 205,000 miles mechanic friend did a complete rehab and runs like a top. A couple of small electrical issues and I wanted to know if they would be precieved as sometime minor to repair?

1. back right window does not work - no noise no nothing. Same thing with the sun roof?

Are these connected in any way?

What do I look for?


I doubt if they are connected unless they happen to be on the same fuse. I suspect the window is a broken wire where the wires connect from the door jam to the door on tthee hinge side. If so it should be cheap.

Sun room, also could be cheap, but they can have all kinds of problems and some of them are not cheap.

Good Luck

thanks for the info - i’ll pass that on to my mechanic as i didn’t want to further impose based on the already good deal.