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Answer thoroughly!

Somehow, I don’t think that we will be that lucky.

OK OK. i asked my son what this post meant.

apparently ruben wants to suggest (with our comments here) to his parents to install an Xbox 360 in the family volvo with a sun roof. the problem being he (apparently) wants like a 42" widescreen panel mounted on the roof. BUT the sunroof is in the way.

an actual response:

some companies have panel TV’s which mount on the back of the headrest, and are wired into the car permanently. they are NOT huge screens, but the do have RGB cable inputs.

they also play DVD’s and music CD’s.

but this cost around $1000. unless mom and dad are really rich (since $$ is no concern) this seems really dumb to do. what do YOU think Ruben?

When you have money like that, it’s a hard decision whether to have a hamburger at a four-star restaurant ($100), or at McDonald’s.

this reminds me of a couple HS seniors, who were overheard discussing how much they would settle for next fall for wages. it seemed that the expectation of 20.00 an hour was about what they were worth, but they could accept around 15.00 an hour if they had too.

where is reality?

the phrase; go out, get a job, pay the bills wile you are still smart, know everything, and won’t listen to anyone else! really applies.

Cool decal. Do you have it on your window?

I seen that on a shirt some guy wears where I work at.
Ruben should call up Xzibit and see if he could pimp whatever ride he gets. I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to install $100,000 worth of worthless stuff into a $1000 car, and then proceed to tell the whole nation how much they spent on the stuff they put into said car.

First we have to deal with Norm, now Ruben.

don’t worry, i’ll take up the slack!

Actually, what if this guy is serious? Maybe he’s a parent looking to install a system to keep his kids busy on a long trip? Personally, I don’t think I would want a couple of screaming kids playing video games on a long trip, but he may want to do this.

There are flip-down LCD monitors up to 19" wide available. The problem is that I don’t think their AV inputs are compatible with the X-box output, but I’m not sure about that. The other thing that would be needed is some heavy duty wiring to the rear of the vehicle, a pretty good sized inverter, and a way of clamping it down but still have access for inserting the game discs. I think I would want a solid, sound proof shield between the front and back seats too.

Maybe the OP ought to send in a suggestion to Microsoft to make a mobile version of the X-box. Could be a market for over indulgent parents.

“Actually, what if this guy is serious?”

If you read the myriad of questions that this person has posted within the past week, you wouldn’t be asking that question.

Uh…toss it in the trunk?

Or, if you have a little TV in the back, I suppose you could hook it up to an extra car battery and hotwire it to the TV. Dunno how you’d handle the controllers, though.

It’d be a hack job no matter what, but it could be done. Good luck.