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College Kid Cant FIgure It Out!

My problem is with my convertible roof. It broke back in January and I had to manually put it up. Now the sunroof will go down but not the actual top. The light blinks but there is no noise of anything mechanical trying to happen.

So since I am a college student I don’t exactly have the money to go to the repair shop for such a small problem.

I checked the battery, it is fine.

I tried the rooter, it is fine.

I have check the switches in the trunk and they are fine.

Is there anything I can do or do I just have to a mechanic to reboot it?


Search around for a Mini-Cooper forum and maybe you can find the specialized help you need…Is this a rag-top or a folding steel hard-top? Have you checked the fuses?

You have a convertible top AND a sunroof? How does that work?

Rooter? What’s a rooter?

I’ll bet the manual closing of the top is part of the problem. The top is not meant to be closed manually, is it? Figure out why it didn’t work in January (who puts the top down in January), and you’ll probably solve the problem.

A “Rooter” is this 100’ long snake you rent at Home Depot when your drains plug up…But he tried his and it’s fine…

I think it’s a rotor. I’m still puzzled by what the battery and the rotor have to do with putting the top down.

McP, I also wondered about the convertible and the sunroof both being on the same car. Actually, I’ve often wondered why luxury brands who make folding hardtops don’t add a sunroof into the front section. Up here in the northeast sunroofs are much more usable than convertibles, even though they compromise the total openness of a drop top. Having both would be great.