1996 Infiniti G20 Sun Roof malfunction

2 days ago, our 1996 G20’S sun roof slid open as normal. Unfortunately It would not slide back to a closed position. The roof’s motor can be heard running when both switches are depressed (for either function) ; sliding and tilting. The roof will no longer do either function. I was able to pull the sun roof closed by hand but could not make the back edge of the glass rise up to be sealed closed completely. Obviously it became disengaged from the motor somehow. Would it be somewhat possible for me to get inside of the roof to hook it all back together/replace parts ? Is the location of the motor behind the sunroof control panel? I’m willing to do it and save us the labor costs at a shop. We live here in Chicago so you can understand just how imperative it is for me to fix this >asap<. thanks

Was the sunroof opened with frost on the car? I did this on my 2000 Blazer and it was enough stress to break a few pieces off of the side brackets. The broken pieces then jammed the sliding mechanism.

I removed the glass to get access to the side brackets, once the broken pieces were removed the sunroof was able to close. The glass was attached to the side brackets by four Torx bolts (2 on each side). The bolts were accessible from inside. Hopefully the G20 has a similar setup.

Ed B.

Hi Ed thanks for the response…i dont think that is the case with our G20 . Ive been told that the motors gears may have worn out and replacing the motor is probably instore for me. Im concerned about the access to it…hate to think id have to remove the whole roof interior cover

Yeah I suspect the gears are nylon and have stripped. Only way to find out is to dismantle. A factory service manual would provide the detail and steps involved.

Thanks Bing,ill look around for one,Do you know if there are any websites that offer (free) manuals online to peruse ?