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Another not-water-for-gas

After a pleasant absence, one of the “hydrogen generator” scam questions popped up a few days ago, so I feel justified in posting this tidbit. I’ve been reading the book “American Folklore”, by Prof. Richard Dorson, U of Indiana, copyright 1959 by U of Chicago. The book (NOT recommended) is one in the series Chicago History of American Civilization.

In Chapter VII, Modern Folklore, Prof. Dorson writes:

“Rumors spread about remarkable inventions which would improve automobiles, A carburetor that will give fifty miles to the gallon is being kept off the market by the big oil companies. But an experimantal model inadvertenly slips into a customer’s hands, who informs the dealer with astonished delight about the fine mileage he has been getting. Hastily the dealer offers another car in exchange, saying this model was not intended for sale.”

Indeed, “Nothing new under the sun.” – Art1966