An Audi or Mercdes

Hi! I am looking to replace my 2004 fully loaded Toyota Sienna minivan with a 7 seater “mini” suv. I am considering an Audi Q7 or the Mercedes GL. If you were purchasing one of these toys which would you buy and why? I need all wheel drive as I live in Colorado and 7 seater to drive kids.

Thanks! I love your show as does my 8 year old daughter.

You won’t hear from T&R here. “mini” SUV? Both of these are BIG. Me, I’d look at a nicely-optioned Ford Flex or Buick Enclave, maybe a Honda Pilot. But if you want Audi or MB, pick either one, they’re fine.

I’m not sure about the Mercedes, but Audi has an excellent AWD system (of course you can get a comparable AWD system for half price in a Subaru).

I’m kind of with Texases here-- I don’t think either of these is going to be the most reliable or economical for the job, so just take them both on long test drives and see which one you like more.

I’d take the $50~$60k and buy a Chevy Tahoe hybrid with 4wd

If you live in Colorado and you say you NEED an AWD vehicle for a workhorse, neither Mercedes not Audi willl be a good choice. These vehicles are not very relaible and cost an arm and a leg to maintain and repair.

Agree that a Ford Flex would be a spacious vehicle, as would the new Chevrolet crossover, Honda Pilot or Toyota Venza. Any of these would cost about half to keep running that the 2 you mention would cost and be more reliable.

I also live in Colorado and have owned several Audi, BMW and Mercedes. They make some of the world’s best sedans, but I would never buy one of their SUV or cross-over vehicles.

My choices would include: Subaru Outback, Hyundai Tuscon or Santa Fe (available as seven passenger), Mazda CX-7 (available as seven passenger), Honda CRV or Toyota RAV4.

Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna with good winter tires are an option as well.


Why not get the Sienna with AWD? It will give better fuel economy and be smaller than the “mini” SUVs you are considering.

Here’s an idea - Lincoln MKT with the ‘Ecoboost’ turbo V6. Powerful, room for 7. Worth a look.