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Buick Enclave v. Gmc acadia

We Are looking to buy a used Buick Enclave or GMC Acadia. We are a family of 6 with 3 children on the autism spectrum. (Only mentioned because all 3 children need to be in car seats in the car Any feedback would be great.

They’re basically the same under the sheet metal. Both have poorer than average repair histories according to Consumer Reports, I think. You should buy their car buyers’ guide, it’ll have lots of information about vehicles you’re considering. A family of 6 really should be considering a minivan, best vehicle for that many people.

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As I mentioned in your other post, I really like the Enclave. The seats are comfortable, and the outside environment remains outside. The sound deadening is exceptional. I don’t know where your children are on the spectrum, but if noise is a trigger, you won’t have to worry much in this SUV.

Edit: The Enclave gets very good scores from CR for model years 2012 an newer. I agree with @texases concerning minivans. Our family of five had two and we had room for everyone and their luggage. The Enclave has about the most cargo room with the 3rd seat up, but still much less than our Olds Silhouette.

Can you recommend a minivan? Our Chrysler town and country was bought new in 2005 and was a total lemon. We have other friends who have had similar experiences. Everyone we know loves the Honda Odyssey but there is less used availability in our area. We were interested in the Pacifica but it’s pricy and since its newer no used inventory. Price point is unfortunately a big consideration for us, as 3 children on the spectrum (all severe) are very expensive. Thanks for
Your help. Any more suggestions would be great!

Odyssey and Toyota Sienna are the usual suggesitions, and with good reason. How much are you willing to spend?

The Toyota Sienna is also worth a look. What is your budget? CarMax shows 29 Odysseys and Siennas within 250 miles of me at under $20,000.

Under $30, we have between $5 and $10 to put down and then financing. The tricky part is the miles. We’d like something w under 50
On it because we drive a ton every day to take the kids to their different therapy appointments so we rack up miles fast. Maybe I need to take another look back at CArmax and minivans.

Using $30k and 50k miles, I get only 5 Odysseys but 19 Siennas within 250 miles of me on CarMax.

With $5000 down you should be researching every manufacture’s web site for vehicles with 3rd row seats. New vehicle loans are always cheaper than used loans. You have warranty for at least 3 years. The entry level Kia Sedona starts at $27000.00 .

Edit: The base Acadia is under 30000.00, a little internet pricing would get several offers from dealers.

Yep, TrueCar lists base new Siennas in my area under $30k. I bet you can get a new one in your budget.

With high miles driven per year I would NOT buy a brand new vehicle as your value will plummet rapidly and leave you with an insurance loss if you total it. I would find a two or three year old Sienna with under 50,000 miles. With $5k down your depreciation will be MUCH slower than a new vehicle and you won’t find yourselves upside down if the vehicle is totaled. You will still have a nice reliable vehicle. I bought a 2004 Sienna in 2008 with 73,000 miles on it. It currently has 217,000 miles on it and still running strong.

The 2017 Acadia is a much smaller truck than it was in 2016. I’d stick with the used models if it’s a GM SUV. Look at the Chevy Traverse, too. It is the least expensive of the Enclave/Acadia/Traverse triplets.

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The Odyssey and Sienna typically hold their value very well . . . not a good situation if you want to buy useed

The price of such a 2-3 year old used van will be close to the price of a new van, when you consider rebates, incentives, etc.

Might be better off buying new. If it came down to it, I’d even get a new Kia or Hyundai van, versus a used Acadia or Enclave

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Every time you buy used, it is a gamble, unless you are mechanically inclined, and then it is still a gamble.
Given you will put a lot of miles on it, I would go for Sienna, possible with AWD if you need it.
Having one friend to have two transmissions replaced in their two Odysseys where they traded one for another, I’m a little bit skeptical about Hondas (if it is not Civic), even although Honda CLAIMS they addressed the issue on new generations.
My neighbor runs Sienna with 120K and ticking strong, one my another friend drove his old Sienna to something around 200K before trading. no major issues.