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Which car should I get?

I have 4 children and I am looking for a car that three can fit in comfortably in the back. I do not want an SUV because of the gas. I have an Acura TSX now and it is just too small in the back. I was looking at the Passat, any other suggestions? I looked at the Jeep Cherokee but I am afraid of the gas. I would love some new ideas.


If you want something with three rows, I’d suggest an Odyssey, which don’t get amazing mileage, but it isn’t terrible. The Passat probably won’t be a ton bigger than the TSX, but the newer Accords are very spacious if you just want a sedan.

High end: Mercedes S Class, BMW 7 Series, Audi A8L
Mid Level: Chrysler 300 C, Hyundai Genesis
Low End: Lincoln Town Car/Ford Crown Vic

All gently used, of course.

I have a Sienna (and LOVE it), but the car is really for my husband. He doesn’t usually drive all 4 kids, but definitely 3. A 3rd row car would be great, but he won’t drive a minivan and I refuse to pay the gas on a SUV.
High end is out - not in our budget. We are looking to lease and keep it under $400. We looked at the Honda but it was a drop smaller than the Passat. I was just wondering if we missed looking at anything.

New Accord has a tiny bit more room than the Passat, they’re about equal. If the Passat/Accord/Camry/etc. is too small and a minivan is out, then reconsider a midsized SUV, the mpgs aren’t that bad. You might get a copy of the Consumer Reports car buyers guide and look at it for ideas.

Mazda 5 I think gets near 30mpg highway

I’m confused. You have a Sienna for your husband, but he refuses to drive a minivan. If a Sienna is not a minivan, what is it? Maybe he should drive a sedan wih 2 kids in back and one up front and you can drive the Sienna.

No, sorry if that was confusing. I drive the minivan (Sienna). He is the one that needs a new car, he has the Acura TSX now. We don’t want another large car b/c of the gas so we trying to find a sedan that was on the larger side. Right now it is so tight to have 3 kids in his back seat so we realized we need a bigger sedan, but we aren’t ready yet to buy a second large car. I hope that helps!

The Acura TSX is a mid-size car. You want a large car. Something like a Ford Taurus, Chrysler 300, Hyundai Azera, or Toyota Avalon are large enough. Without a trade, a new Avalon lease would be about $1000 per month with $500 down. If you trade the Acura, the price would cone down. The TSX would have to bring about $19,000 in trade to get the monthly price to $400.

The most fuel efficient cars with the best seating for three in the back, are the 4cylinder intermediates. Cars like Fusion, Malibu, Camry, Accord etc. The Camry and Accord would be my first suggestions as their 4 cylinder motors have proven reliability and good power to go along their very good gas mileage. I have less experience with Hyundais, though many say they now make models comparable to others.

My son has the previous model Fusion to the most recent redesign. I am not impressed with the ride or the noise and the hard working six is noisy and thirstier then the 4 which is slow. So, I would not recomend the Fusion for economy thought has been bullet proof reliable for my son.

Friends Camrys dating back to the 04 s have been smooth, quite very economical and reliable…but boring… Accords are a little more fun to drive but noisier. Try them all out in this Catagory, that is, the
mid size 4 cylinders

If you look at intermediate cars, be sure to test drive them with 3 kids in the back. They are all about the same size as your TSX and may not be much of an improvement.

The TSX is 1/2 size down from the intermediates, the TL is Accord-sized. But likely not big enough, true.

Any thoughts on a lease for the Passat? We are leaning towards that car since it is the least expensive and seems to have the most frills (which my husband does want).

During the first 3 years, you won’t pay for anything. VW provide all maintenance for 36 mo/36,000 miles. Essentially, they provide oil changes at 10,000 mile intervals and change air filters as required. Here’s exactly what they do:

If the kids, fit, buy it.