Help. Need new car ideas

I have a Forester which I like fine, BUT now that I have two dogs and 3 crates in it, it’s too small to add grandchildren and “stuff.” What I would like is a somewhat bigger, AWD, Hybrid car. Not keen on a minivan. DO care about reliability, price, and mileage. Ideas, anyone?

Toyota Highlander? Ford Escape?

Thanks in advance!

I doubt you’re going to find a hybrid solution to your problem. Why the predjudice against minivans? You sound like a perfect candidate for one to me.

Agree; the minivan was invented for people like you!! Most full size minivans have 3 seats, the rear one can be removed and gives you tons of space. It takes a really large SUV (with a large price) with poor gas mileage to equal the interior space of a basiuc minivan.

A Ford Escape does not have enough room inside for what you wantr to carry.

The Highlander and Escape hybrids are quite expensive. The only minivan with AWD is the Toyota Sienna, though.

Only thing that meets all criteria except price is the Highlander hybrid, but base price is $35k, and few to be found at that price. If you like Subaru, how about a Tribeca or an Outback?

You want a Chevy Tahoe hybrid. I think a minivan is a better idea and a lot less expensive, but the Tahoe will get about 21 MPG combined city and highway. That’s about what you’d get from a minivan. Or a full size van. The Dodge Sprinter will get better mileage than all of them, but it might be too big.

Thanks to you five people for your expertise. I really appreciate it. Will take a look at minivans. Toyota or Honda? Maybe I have to give up the idea of both hybrid and AWD. Any other ideas welcomed. Thanks again!

The Sienna is the only van available with AWD.

Both Toyota and Honda minivans are very good.

I’d suggest stopping by the local bookstore and picking up a Comsumer Reports New Car Buyers’ Guide. That’ll compare everything available and you can test drive the ones you like.

We all mean well, but we all have our preferences. CR will list all the options.