Busy mom needs new car-used!

I am a single mom of three- and usually have 6 kids with me-anytime during the day. I need a “new” used car- I live in Northern Vermont, and would really like to have a four wheel/all wheel drive vehicle. Does anyone have any suggestions?

AWD Sienna? 4wd Suburban? How much $$?

not sure-about $ looking into car loans-trying to see how much a decent used car would be, probably somewhere around 10,000?-maybe more. I need lots of seating so-the station wagons are out-but I did like the way the Tribeca looked, and there would be enough room w/the 7 passenger model.

What is your maximum? A Sienna AWD used can be over 10K. The Tribeca could work, though.

Having to transport six kids probably requires a mini-van. I’d suggest one of the Japanese-made AWD mini-vans – lots of choices. Or, a very fast Audi S4 and make two trips!


I haven’t tried a Tribeca- it may not have much room in the 3rd seat or storage. You’ll want to check that out.

Sounds like you need an AWD mini-van or SUV. I suggest Toyota Sienna AWD van or Honda Pilot SUV. I’ve never been in a Sienna, but I’ve ridden in the rear-most seat of a Pilot twice, and for short trips it’s OK for an adult. Kids probably wouldn’t complain at all.

I would have to second the Pilot if you want a true AWD with decent ground clearance for snow travel and legit room and reliability. Honda got it right on those accounts. The new bigger 7 passenger Highlander is a competitor…we are spending lots of your money for these recommendations.
I don’t like AWD vans as they compromise too many things (run flats in Toyota example) IMO. If AWD I would get something designed from the ground up to be so.

Are you looking for ground clearance or space? The Sienna AWD will have more space, but the Pilot or Highlander will have more ground clearance.

Many of the suggestions don’t meet your cost desire. The 2006 B9 Tribeca with AWD will start at about $18,000 from a dealer; 2006 was the first year. If you really want to get the initial cost down, look at a large SUV, like a Suburban. Compare a Suburban to a Highlander based on average fuel cost and expected cost to buy and see if the Suburban can compete.

I’d skip the Highlander - the previous model had a tiny 3rd row. Pilot would work, there’s old enough ones available in her price range.(I found 356 available nation wide on Cars.com for $12k or less). PLENTY of Suburbans, of course, but what a gas hog.