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An amazing 101 year old woman and her Packard

Clearly, this woman has maintained her car–and herself–very well.


I saw one once (Packard not 101yo woman) at a car Antique car-show. Beautiful vehicle. It was roped off and looked in Mint condition. The owner said it ran beautifully (which I firmly believe).

I particularly liked the end of the video where she enters the car, she has a shop rag on the running board and steps on the rag to protect the running board. She really cares about her Packard. Quite a character, both the car and the lady.

With her attitude it’s no wonder that she has lived for so long. She also has a great taste in fine automobiles. I hope I’m as lucid as she is when I reach the 100 year old mark (fingers crossed).

It’s amazing that she has aged so well. She likes to change the oil and spark plugs? I wonder what her secret is? I bet she would say she just got up each morning and did whatever needed to be done. A childhood friend’s grandfather lived well over ninety. When asked what his secret was, he said it was the big fat cigar he smoked every day. I think he believed it.

Fantastic! Thanks VDCdriver. What a nice way to end a difficult day.

I like that she apparently still drives it. It’s a beautiful car, no doubt very valuable to a collector, but cars are meant to be driven and many collectors don’t seem to get that. I once had the honor and privilege of doing some exhaust system repairs to the factory installed exhaust system on the only unrestored 1966 Hemi Charger left in the world. The car was beautiful, with 5,200 miles on the odometer, although that figure is probably higher now since the owner uses the car for fair weather cruising, an activity which would shock many collectors. He drove it to the shop the day I worked on it, too, and spent a couple hours talking to us about the car before he drove off. He likes his old Charger and refuses to sell it, even turning down seven figure offers from collectors who would probably never sit in it, or even start the engine to drive it into the trailer for transport to car shows. Could be why he refuses to sell it.

Apparently my post is lost. I enjoyed the clip a lot. Things that cracked me were driving at 101 and changing oil and plugs. The rag before getting in the car says a lot. What a lady. I wish I could be like that in my 60’s-if I make it that far…

Great story. Thanks VDCdriver.

Particularly with affirmative action and the length of time this 101 year old woman has had her Packard, I think the Packard slogan needs to be changed to this: “Ask the woman who owns one”.

Note: You have to be a geezer to remember the Packard. You have to be an old geezer to know that the Packard slogan was “Ask the man who owns one”.