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Alternet power

a buddy of mine told me.He had another friend that was down on his luck.this friend had the electric company shut off his stuff.He ask my buddy to take him to the bigmart.then he bought 2 solar battery chargers a 700 watt converter a big battery.then he plug this in to his house and now he has eletric.My ? is can he do that and does it work.Because ive seen none of this it just what i was told?@#**

Yes, that will work GREAT for about 20 minutes a day, at which time the battery will go dead. Unless the refrigerator is running. Then it will take about 4 minutes.

There ARE people who successfully do this. They have their roof COVERED with solar panels ($15,000) and a TON of special deep cycle, solar storage batteries in their basement. ($5000)

What a maroon.Wanna bi a bridge

In the old days, it took a few more batteries than just one and a generator. Farm houses did it because there were no power lines just for one house. It was an entire way of life. If you live where heat isn’t needed, you have it made. Hot water can be cooked on any wood burning grill. The phone company has quite a few batteries. It’s where dependability comes from.