Alternator in 2002 intrepid

Can someone tell me how I can replace the alternator in my 2002 Intrepid? What parts do I need to remove to get to the alternator?

You will need basic tools, like wrenches, a socket set, screwdrivers, etc. Be sure to disconnect the negative battery cable before changing the alternator. As far as the actual HOW to replace it… you’d be best served getting a service manual for the car, which can be obtained at a decent auto parts store. You might want to consider changing the serpentine belt if it needs it, since you’ll be taking it off to do the alternator. The alternators on these cars are pretty reliable. I had mine changed out at 210,000 miles, and the shop that changed it said it was the first failure they’d seen in about a year. Are you sure the problem is your alternator? The alternator on these are pretty easy to get at, I think they’re right on top, but if you’ve never worked on anything mechanical before, you may be better served getting someone else to replace it.

This is another good situation to have a repair manual. Haynes and Chiltons sells them. Some people would rather advise you to get a Factory Service Repair Manual. However, this Autozone site has some info with pictures.