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Alternator change: 89 honda accord lxi

How to I change the alternator in an 89 honda accord lxi?

Disconnect the battery. Remove alt. wires. Remove alt. bolts. Remove alt. Perform steps in reverse order to install new alternator.

The manual says to drop the drivers side half shaft. But I’ve heard that it can be wiggled out without. In either case it’s a tight fit. I did a couple of timing belt changes on my wifes 87 lxi and I hated it because of the lack of room. My forearm couldn’t fit in certain places to access a couple of bolts.

I’ve not done one; but, consider removing the adjusting bracket with the alternator. Once you have removed and replaced the alternator, write it up, for other people.
At this Web site there are easier ways than those in the repair manual.
Try the simplest answer I found, “Remove the air cleaner housing [on the LXI ], and take the alternator out the top”.