88 Honda Accord Alternator


Does anyone have experience replacing an alternator on an Accord where the access is from below and hard to get to? We are into the repair but can’t get the alternator through the bottom of the engine to remove. One of the steps was removing the drive shaft from the knuckle. We couldn’t figure this step out.


Oh, jeez-louise… I have an 86 accord and I have both fingers crossed I never have to replace any belt-driven components. Gives me a heartattack just opening the hood.

You have to disengage the axle shaft from the outboard part (the steering knuckle) to work the alternator out. Look in your service manual under “drive-train” under drive shaft replacement. You don’t have to pull it out of the transmission, but you do have to do pretty much everything else fror a half-shaft replacement.


My wifes parents owned a 86 Accord and when we were visiting them on vacation they asked me if I could replace it for them. According to the Shop manual you have to remove the right axle. I didn’t want to spend all day replacing a alternator in their driveway with temps in the low 20’s. I took the the car to a friends garage.