Alt. elec connector troubles Ford Contour

I’m finishing up a head gasket repair, and I’ve tracked down almost all of the electrical connectors (helped that I numbered them as I took them off.)

However, I have a connector that I cannot track down the other end!

Pertinent details:

1. Has three wires: white, orange, and grn/blk.

2. The white wire is off of the alternator.

3. The connector comes out of the passenger side of the wire harness housing (the one that mounts to the intake manifold) and looks like it’s designed to head towards the ECU.

4. The connector serial number is “es88a.”

Any idea where to look to connect this? Or even a source of mechanical drawings of same on the 'net?

I’m heading off to the Ford dealer and see if he can’t pull this up on the computer.

Boy do I feel stupid!

After saying, “well,it’s just like the connector for the VR…only I know for sure I’ve already hooked that up”…well, go figure what it was!

No need to answer, just chuckle along at abject stupidity…