Need Help On Pinouts For ECM



Putting a cruise control on wifes 2004 Dodge Neon SXT with 2.0 liter engine and auto transmission. I need to get the ECM connector and connector to ECM pinout numbers. Trying to connect the VSS sensor to the ECM. Thanks for any help!


When I need a pinout chart for electrical connectors, I go to my public library and go on their subscription paid Web site to There, I click on “connector views”, and print out the diagrams.


Thanks Hellokit. Was hopping someone on here might have it. I’m getting lazy in my old age! LOL


Went ahead and sighned up for AllData and got the info needed. Thanks hellokit!


Keep in mind that all the wires to the ECM are color coded and the electrons really don’t care much where in the line you connect. If it is easier to pick up the signal you need someplace other than at the ECM, that will probably work. The color codes should be available from Alldata or in a Haynes or Chilton manual if there is one. They might even be on line somewhere.