Evap Solenoid Vent Wiring Help

So I was replacing my Evap Solenoid Vent with a new one and when I went to plug in my new one, I found my plug wasn’t even connected to any wires. But that’s not even the problem. The mechanic who redid the connector for some reason didn’t use a red and a white wire they just used 2 white wires. Now I have no idea which connector wire connects to which on my car. Any ideas for how to figure it out without possibly burning my new evap vent or spending very much money?

the connector is labeled A and B over each wire if that helps?

red and white wires under the car.

the connector

You described the problem very well.

Even provided images to understand the problem.

But, the one thing you failed to do was, tell us what type of vehicle you’re talking about?


Hey thanks for the reply the drop down menu wasn’t working on my phone for some reason. I guess I could have just typed it lol

2008 Chevy Cobalt Sport

Will the connector connect to the sensor in two ways? Usually that style of connector will only connect in one orientation. Presumably the mechanic who re-wired the connector did it the correct way.

For the turbo 2 L engine, from what I can tell it appears the canister vent solenoid has the r/w wire connected to A, and the white wire connected to B. You’ll have to trace backwards until you find those two wires, then you can tell by visible inspection how they are connected to the connector.

Hey thanks for the reply. No the connector only connects to the canister vent solenoid in one orientation.

So you are saying I should trace the red and white wires (from the second picture) under my car and find the connector on the other side to see if A is red or B is red?

Sorry if this doesn’t make sense I’m completely new to this

NO, but what he should have said to make it easier to understand is

the red wire with a white stripe is connected to A,
and the solid white wire is connected to B

Replacement wiring pigtails for GM cars only come with all white wires, nothing you can do about that. Find a wiring diagram that shows the colors of the wires, it will also identify the terminals as A and B. You should easily be able to deduce which wire goes to terminal A.


The wire was a solid red wire no stripes. And it did connect to the A. I double checked to see how the other solenoid was connected and it was red to A. Thank you guys so much I really appreciate it!