Alfa Romeo

I submitted a question regarding the anti theft code for my car about a month ago. I was sent the information which I needed, the Alfa Romeo contact information. However, I have not heard a word from Alfa Romeo. Can you offer assistance in getting them to contact me regarding my situation? Thanks

For Honda cars, one gets the radio anti-theft code from the Honda dealership, not from corporate Honda. It could be the same for AR. That is, check with the AR dealership.

If the OP lives in the US, finding a dealership may be a bit difficult. While there appears to be a plan to bring the Alfa back to the US market, dealerships will still be few and far between once the plan is up and running. However, if the OP resides in another country, it may be easy to get assistance from a dealer.

OP–Where do you live?

I live in Japan, and the car was purchased here new. I bought it second hand.

This is not the radio anti-theft code, but a code to unlock something in the engine, so it can be worked on.

It’s been a long time and I don’t care to look back for the previous posts. Did you contact an AR dealer in Japan? Did you contact AR Japan directly? Either may have the information you want. I’m sure you can find the contact information in the phone book or on line.