Alfa Romeo engine code help

What to do?!

I live in Japan and own a '98 Alfa Romeo which I bought used last year. The car has a dead battery, however, after having the car towed to a AR dealership, I was told that since I do not have the master key or a special code to reactivate the anti-theft device, they cannot fix the car. UNLESS, I am willing to spend $3,000-$4,000 to replace the computer system which has something to do with the anti-theft coding.

I do not know the original owner, and the person from whom I bought the car, got it at an auction. Should I just give up, junk the car, and buy another vehicle? A Japanese make, of course.

I have had several Japanese friends talk with the dealership owner, and the explanation is the same. I thought with the VIN number etc., a phone call to the Alfa Romeo factory in Italy (or wherever they are made) would get the code needed.


Yes, YOU call the factory in Italy. I don’t see why the factory can’t make a chipped key for you. You can tell them the local dealer is “unable”.

I’m sure the dealer or AR Japan can provide a telephone number or email address at the factory for you to use. We certainly can’t help you any more than that. Surely a $50 phone call is better than a $4000 ECU.