What to do?!

I live in Japan and own a '98 Alpha Romeo which I bought used last year. The car has a dead battery, however, after having the car towed to a AR dealership, I was told that since I do not have the master key or a special code to reactivate the anti-theft device, they cannot fix the car. UNLESS, I am willing to spend $3,000-$4,000 to replace the computer system which has something to do with the anti-theft coding.

I do not know the original owner, and the person from whom I bought the car, got it at an auction. Should I just give up, junk the car, and buy another vehicle? A Japanese make, of course.

I have had several Japanese friends talk with the dealership owner, and the explanation is the same. I thought with the VIN number etc., a phone call to the Alpha Romeo factory in Italy (or wherever they are made) would get the code needed.


You have your answer. Call Alfa Romeo, explain the problem, and get their help. Go here and click on ‘contact us’