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How do I

How do I turn off anti-theft alarm without key fob. Battery is completely dead. When I try to attach leads to battery terminals (new battery), alarm activates (windshield wipers, horn and flashing lights).

Remove the alarm fuse if it’s a factory alarm…

Thank you. Do you know if this will reset the alarm or if the engine will start without the fuse in place?

Interesting first post. What kind of car are you trying to steal?

Unlock the trunk.

What year is it. Is there a little blinking light by the drivers door lock lever

Every time I work on a VW all I can think is ? Crazy Germans.

Yeah, you gotta wonder about people who put the engine in the trunk.

Ha. Funny. There is a blinking light next to the driver’s side door lock (when the battery has juice that is. When I attach a new battery there is such a racket I haven’t noticed whether it is blinking, but it used to back when the car was running.

If only. The car was parked at a friends while I went abroad and he said the alarm was activated (somehow) until the battery died. The fob is useless (worn out? broken? New batteries do nothing). Only want to disable anti-theft until the dealer gets me a new fob. Which apparently will take 4-6 weeks. It is a '98 Jetta, straight.

I have a friend with the same situation. And unlocking the trunk disarmed the security. Really.

That’s more than crazy but if it works I’m not complaining. Thanks.

Unlocking the drivers door does it for most GM products.