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Airconditioner will not work in park

I have a mechanic who serviced my airconditioner. The compressor works in drive but not park. My key can be removed when the car (2000 Plymonth Neon) is started and the engine still runs. I can pull it out while I am going down the road. I find this very handy but I don’t know if it might relate to the airconditioner issues. My mechanic knows about the key. Does anyone have any ideas why the compressor does not work in park but works fine in drive?

You have two unrelated problems.

  1. The lock cylinder in the steering column is worn. You can replace it or not, your choice.

  2. The a/c issue is a little tougher. Does the compressor come on immediately when you put the car in Drive and immediately shut down when you put it in Park? Or is it a matter of bethe being in motion or not?

I’m sorry I can not answer the question. I know when I drive it the AC comes on immediately when I am driving around. The mechanic still has the car because he wants to figure this out. I have done business with him for about a decade. He is a good mechanic and a good guy. He just said, it comes on when the care is in drive but not when it is in park.

I am glad the key issue is unrelated because I find it quite useful to start the car and let it warm up in the winter and be able to remove the key and lock the doors.

My wonderful mechanic fixed the a/c problem. He replaced the Neutral Safety Switch and now my air works just great. I thought I should respond with how he fixed it, incase someone else has the same issue.

Thank you for telling us how it was fixed. Many people don’t do this.