New key now no air



I have a 2001 Ford F150 and lost the only key I had while on vacation. So I had to go thru the ordeal of having a key made to get me into my truck, have the truck towed to the dealer then have the key programmed.

When I picked up my truck the air conditioner no longer worked. the compressor would not come on. I have had no problems with this truck and have kept up on all services.

My question is: could anything have happened while the chip in my key was being set with the computer? I asked the dealer and they said they could not have caused my problem. Seems strange that I had no problems with my airconditioner previous to my key problem and as soon as the key is programed my compressor wont turn on.


No. The two events are not related.


If the two are linked I would have to think it would be due to a connection problem possibly coming apart while it was towed.

Check the connections to the compressor and make sure the fuses are ok also. Check the simple things first for any trouble.