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What's Going On Here?

I took my Neon to a local garage this morning for some maintenance. I had the timing belt replaced, the water pump replaced along with several belts. When I went to pick it up, on my way home I noticed the air conditioner was not working. I turned around and took it back immediately. They checked it and said the air conditioner seemed “over charged,” so they drained all the gas out of it and recharged it…but that didn’t work. Now, they say it’s either the condenser or I think they said the condenser belt…or something. My question is, could they have done something in the course of doing the other work to my car to cause this accidently? The air conditioner worked great this morning before I took it in and never gave me trouble before.

You took it to them working and when you picked it up it did not. This is a simple one,they are responsible for your AC problems.Lots of things get moved around on a timing belt job. If they are in over their heads tell them you want the job sublet to a AC speciality shop.

Thanks. I’ll do just that.

Oldschool is correct. If the AC worked before you took the car in, then they did something to make it not work. The AC compressor may have been moved in order to access the timing belt. Lots of things have to be moved.

There is no condenser belt. There’s a compressor belt, but they just installed a new one, so that should be fine. The condenser is in front of the radiator, and they should not have had to mess with it.

If this shop doesn’t have the necessary equipment to do AC work (and not all mechanics do) they should pay to have an AC shop fix whatever they messed up.

GOOD NEWS! He mechaniacs (yes, I spelled it that way on purpose) called this morning and said they had found the problem. They said it was a plug on the compressor and that the car is fixed. I hope this is the end of it…but with my luck, who knows?

Good things happen to those, like you, who respond to responders. All will be well. The mechaniacs gods smile upon you. Keep the faith.