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99 Cougar airconditioner

I had to drive 70 miles last week the temp outside was 98. My air conditioner was blowing cold air, I parked my car for 30 minutes. When I started my car again the air would not work, no blower nothing. I was on my way to have it tested, turned it on and it is working and blowing cold air. Any ideas? I do not to be stuck again traveling and it stop.

Did anything else not work durring that time ?
the radio ?
guages ?

A worn out ignition switch can act like that. My 80 Bronco did that .
If it happens again, grab the ignition key and wiggle…a slight twisty motion like on or off but you don’t have to turn it that far. If this wakes up the dead circuits…replace the ignition switch.

Ken thank you so much for your prompt reply. I never would have gone there. I had a problem turning my key in the ignition and giggled it back and forth when it started working again. Hope that was maybe the cause. Will have a chance of not paying for a $160.00 recharge until I find the problem.
Again thanks