Air intake inlet not seated correctly

Hello everyone,
As the title suggests, i just notice that the air intake gasket is not seated properly. The area is right before the air filter box. Is this fine or should have this fixed?
Chevrolet camaro 2017
I have attached pictures

The picture is too obscure. I can’t tell if this is on the intake side of the air cleaner box or the outlet side that goes to the engine. If it is the outlet, yes, it should be fixed soon. Inlet, it can wait until the next service.

For future questions, you should post the year, make and model of the car at the very least.

That little opening will let just a little warm air from under the hood enter the air filter box.

Nothing to worry about.


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Uploaded another picture from further away with the air filter box shown. Put a red circle on the area from the first picture

Agree, not a problem.

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There may be a clip that is missing or not fully engaged. The hole seems unlikely to cause much in the way of problem, but I’d be worried it is telegraphing a more serious problem, such as the air filter is skewed, not seated properly so could be allowing unfiltered air into engine air intake. Ask shop to remove cover and inspect engine air filter condition & placement.

That is not the air filter mounting location, that is the fresh air the air cleaner.

Ok, thanks for clarification.