Lost air filter screw


I have a 1988 Civic Wagon and while replacing the air filter yesterday I dropped one of the 4 screws that holds the air filter down inside the engine area near where the headlights are. It was the screw that is closest to the front of the car. The other three are back firmly in place, but the air filter housing is a little loose where that one screw should be.

My question is: is this something to worry about? I suppose I can find another screw of some sort to put in, but if I don’t is there any harm being caused by not having that air filter holder completely sealed?




If you have an ACE hardware store nearby, go and get a 6M x 1 metric nut. An acorn nut would be nicer.

But you want the air filter housing to be sealed. Otherwise, the air filter isn’t doing much good.



Thank you for your response. Is there any damage done while driving for a day or so without that screw in? I’ll need to drive this car over to Lowe’s (we don’t have ACE here) to get that nut.




As long as there is no dust/sand storm between you and sLowe’s, you shouldn’t have any trouble for a day or so. Is there any chance the nut in question might have gone into the intake, or is it definitely gone?

You might try fishing for it with a magnet.