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2003 Pontiac Montana - Air Intake System Extra Part?

Had to take off Air Intake to replace thermostat. There is a tube coming from the duct after the filter that came off in the process. Reinstalled the Air Intake but can’t find where to plug the other end of the tube to. Any help would be appreciated.

For reference. The part in question is #1 in the linked diagram…

The diagram doesn’t show the back end of the engine which is where the tube is headed.

I didnt take time to look at website, but been down this road too many times. If I’m correct, the tube you’re talking about is attached to top of intake hose. other end goes to rear valve cover under left end of ignition module/coil pack. There is a hole there for it.

Its true - that’s exactly where it goes. But holy cow what a PITA.

You can’t see the hole for it, and you can’t get your hand back there to put the thing in. It is a nightmare of a location. I have even tried to see it using one of the telescoping mirrors but its almost impossible to even get the mirror in there.

Anyway, I have gotten it back on (mine is a 2000 but its the same design) by leaving it off of the intake tube end and creatively twisting and jiggling - and you’re basically just looking for the lucky shot since you can’t really see what you’re doing. If you get it you can just about see it plugged in there with a flashlight. It isn’t held in my much.

The other option is to undo those dogbone mounts in the front, put it in neutral (brake on, wheels blocked) and tilt the engine forward. This doesn’t give a lot of room but more than you have otherwise.

Thanks to both of you. Is the hole for the tube raised or flat? I probed around with both hands for about 20 minutes and couldn’t find it. It sounds like I’m not going to see it so I’ll be relying on touch. Anything that would help me find it? Diagram, photo, or distance from something visible to gauge it’s location?

Thanks for the info! Was changing the EGR and airfilter and the stupid tube came out. I had no idea where it went but this took me right to it. It was not easy to get in but I kept at it and it slid right in.