Nissan frontier 2014-intake air filter replacement

Help- is there some kind of trick to close up the air filter housing tightly - I can clip
it up easily without air filter, with air filter inside I always end up with a gap at one side-
any suggestions, the manual just mentions how to remove the filter by releasing the clips to get the filter out, I find it difficult to line everything up perfectly to close it-

Make sure the three tabs opposite the clips are in their slots.


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I bet the filter element is sliding out of position. You might have an easier time maneuvering the cover around if you disconnect the corrugated rubber hose. Are there clips on the bottom, or slots for the cover to fit in?

thanks, I just realized I installed the filter on the wrong side

filter should have been on the side where the clips are and not on right, non-moveable

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Good for you for figuring it out. A less diligent diy’er might have just driven away and not worried about it. Which I expect you know would have been a big mistake.

You aren’t alone. I have difficulty getting the darn air filter to fit correctly in my Corolla’s air filter housing sometimes. It seems to be designed to pinch the owner’s fingers … lol …

If you have this sort of problem in the future you can always just remove the entire air filter ass’y for a work-bench look-see how stuff it supposed to fit together. On my Corolla, that’s maybe a 10 minute job.

Just for fun, you might want to peruse through these posts.

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I had ordered the air filter online before you posted your comment. It was not described as an OEM filter but looked like the one installed by the manufacturer, orange rubber casing around the white pleats, number of pleats appeared to be the same. Dimensions the same. The price was $9.00, shipping included. Other auto parts stores, I checked three before, did not have them on their shelves.

I saw your suggestion on a youtube video where the owner took the air filter assembly
off, also to access some other components.

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Something interesting about Engine Air Filters & HC emissions. It seems counterintuitive, but I’ve discovered that a slightly clogged engine air filter results in less HC emissions, helps for passing my Corolla’s emissions test.

Why? I have this theory: On the OBD I Corolla, the computer uses the MAP sensor as the primary input in the calculations used to determine fuel rate delivery. This works b/c the more airflow into the engine, the less vacuum in the intake manifold. The computer therefore reduces fuel deliver with increased intake manifold vacuum. When the air filter is clogged, the intake manifold vacuum is higher (similar to how a closed throttle valve increases vacuum), so the fuel delivery is less (compared to an unclogged air filter), the mixture is more lean, therein decreasing tailpipe HC levels.

Note: This idea may only pertain to fuel delivery systems using the MAP sensor technique. Probably not for those using an MAF sensor.

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