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Air filter replacement on '07 pontiac g6

Can anyone tell me how to get the cover off the air filter compartment on an '07 pontiac g6? I tried torx and phillips screwdrivers and they did not work.

If GM does not include this information in the Owner’s Manual, then I am appalled. This is really standard fare for inclusion in that manual, along with information on wheel lug torque,changing light bulbs and fuses, etc. Did they outsource the writing of the manual to a non-English speaking country?

you did get the bolt to turn correct? did you feel the bottom of the bolt? usually the nut (other than the one behind the wheel!) is molded into the plastic housing. see if the nuts are spinning.

I am not familiar with this filter but are you sure it can be changed in the conventional manner? The reason I say this is because Ford Focus filters cannot be changed except for buying a complete air filter housing assembly. Just a thought.

From the Website, it’s just a regular rectangular air filter. Here’s a picture:,APP8644/vehicleId,3113502/initialAction,partProductDetail/store,1140/partType,00001/shopping/partProductDetail.htm

If GM does not include this information in the Owner’s Manual, then I am appalled.

Seems ALL manufacturers are leaving that stuff out. Most now have statements like “Take to dealer for replacement at proper interval”. They USE to provide basic information on filter and oil changes and even sparkplugs…not anymore.

actually the nuts i was referring to are ON a focus. you have to grind off the bolt heads, and use lots of water to cool the surrounding plastic to prevent deforming.

once you push out the stripped embedded nuts you can put in new ones.

i actually skipped the nuts and put the cover back on with zip ties. no more tools needed. just new zip ties at filter change.

GM is using likely using Torx screws to hold the cover in place. Take close look, is the screw head multi=point?