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Air filter replacement

I’m a novice mechanic and want to change the air filter in my 2002 M/Benz C240. Can anyone help by outlining location and proper steps to gt it done?


Does the owner’s manual have any information on this?

I would be very surprised if the Owner’s Manual did not include this information in the “Owner Maintenance” section. Most manuals have a helpful graphic that should illustrate the location of the filter and how to open the air filter housing. Have you checked the manual?

Thanks for your fast replies. I turned down the dealers offer to do the job thinking that I could do it easily, but upon checking my owners manual, found no info on it at all. That’s what led me to this site.

That’s really too bad that a car that sells for that much money does not have a decent Owner’s Manual. Hopefully one of the Mercedes owners on this board will be able to explain the specifics of this procedure for you. Hang in there for a few hours, and someone should be able to help.

You’ll want a repair manual, about $30, but will save you big $$ in the long run. Here’s the Haynes version:

Today’s manufacturers are being real *sses about this information.

My wifes 07 Lexus states…“The Air-Filter should be serviced every 50k miles. See the dealer for service”.

It wasn’t too difficult to locate and change…They don’t want you touching ANYTHING on the car/truck anymore.

What texases said and you shouldn’t have to order it either, just visit your local automotive store for it.

I think that there is a warning about seeing the dealer. Anything you break can be very expensive. I guess the OP wins this one because a visit to a dealer can be just as expensive. What used to be the easiest job is now very challenging.

Thanks guys, for your help. I’m gonna try to get this little job done tomorrow morning (It shouldn’t be too difficult) and soon as I get a chance, pick up a repair manual at the local auto parts store in order to handle future problems.

Thanks again to all who replied.

There’s an urban myth that Rolls Royce dealers used to lock the hoods of in-warranty cars closed so that a Gentleman’s driver could only polish the door handles etc. All other service required a trip back to the livery.