New Accord


I just bought a 2007 Honda Accord v-6 and can’t find the air filter and cabin air filter. Strangely,the manual doesn’t list or show them. Can anyone direct me to a site that might show the locations?


Ask your dealer?


I found the air filter,but i’m looking to find instructions on the removal and replacing on the 2007.
A dealer was reluctant to explain how to do it. You know the story,“bring it in and we’ll change it.”
No help for the DIY.


One of the guys on the Sonata owners thread at mentioned that he buys an air handler home AC filter at Sears for 20 bucks & cuts it into 4 pieces.

So his interior air filters are 5 bucks apiece instead of 30 bucks each at the dealer. Smart.

There should also be an 07 Accord owners thread at


You mean there aren’t any obvious fasteners on the air filter box?

My '97 Accord has four screws holding the cover on. My Subaru has metal clips that are very easy to release. I’ve never seen a car that had no visible fasteners, but who knows, maybe they figured out a way.


Check behind the glovebox for the cabin air filter. Empty the glovebox then squeeze the side panels in. The box should fall to reveal the cabin air filter. BTW, you relly don’t have to empty the glovebox. The stuff will fall on the floor anyway!


I’ll try squeezing the glove box. I didn’t see any obvious screws,clips or the like. Maybe its just me.


I came across a diagram from a cabin air filter manufacture that showed how to replace the filter.
As mentioned previously,the filter is located behind the glove box which nessitates moving the plastic stop on glove box,and squeezing in the top sides. two clips hold filter frame in place. best part is no screws,nuts,bolts,etc.or tools needed.
Thanks for everyones input