Replacing Engine Air Filter

The owner’s manual for my 2008 Toyota Highlander doesn’t list how to open the air cleaner housing. Well I’m due for a filter change & I just reached 20,000 miles. Upon lifting up the hood I looked at the housing there is a bolt securing it & on the left-hand side there is some kind of secured locks which appears I have to use a flat head screwdriver to pry it open. Does this seem true or is there a much easier way to open it?

Many air filter boxes have spring loaded clamps that can be released by hand to remove the cover. Others require tools.

Manufacturers are trying to make it harder for people to do their own maintenance…at least on some vehicles. Replacing the filter on my 4runner is EXTREMELY SIMPLE…One of the easiest replacements I’ve ever done…my wifes Lexus is a different story. I have to remove about 10 bolts and clips just to get to the filter. The owners manual says to “Take to the dealer for replacement”. I guess they think people who own Lexus’s don’t do their own maintenance.

This sounds like the same setup as my wife’s 2006 Sienna. Bolts and clamps both. I haven’t tried to change the filter yet, but I’m expecting to have to disconnect the air filter housing from the intake hose at the very least. I’m going to wait till pollen season is over in South Jersey and then change it.

Ed B.

I am not familiar with your vehicle but there some vehicles out there that have air filter elements that cannot be changed. The entire air box housing must be changed.

Found the problem, the housing is held with two hex-nut bolts, one on each side; loosen them & lift the cover up.