Air Conditioning repair info

This is second season I took my 1996 GMC Yukon in to get air conditioning repair. They said the Schrader Valve was failing and the entire kit (valve and tubing needed replacement . Estimate $500. Is this consistent with the age of vehicle. How many hours does this job take? Thanks for help.

An air conditioner repair for 500.00 sounds fair and why do you care how long it takes. Things break.

I suspect the OP cares about how long I takes b/c most of the fee is the hourly mechanic rate.

A lot depends upon which hose is involved (low or high side), the locale, and the shop flat rate labor charge.

Generally speaking, it’s easy to spend 500 bucks on an A/C repair of any sort so the number may not be out of line.

AC repairs can usually get to $500 rather quickly.

If the Schrader valve is failing, why not just replace the Schrader valve?

They make a tool that allows the replacement of the schrader without discharging the AC system.

Takes a couple of minutes to replace the Schrader valve with this tool.


The charge seems reasonable if the work is done properly with no shortcuts. At 19 years this type of repair is to be expected. You may have a compressor failure in the near future as well. I would have the whole system checked out if you plan to keep the vehicle.

I agree with Tester…A leaky Schrader valve (very similar to the core in a tire stem) is a minor repair with or without the trick tool…$50 including replacing the lost Freon…

I have to agree with @Tester on this one. The Schrader valve kit is available from rock auto for under $10.00.

Yes. A schrader valve is less than $1. Something has been left out somewhere in the telling of the problem or there is some serious gouging going on.

And a good AC shop would have a tool like this

I agree the Schrader valve alone is the logical fix but reference is also made to the tubing. That could be taken several different ways.
Meaning just replace the entire assembly in one shot.
Or the tubing is damaged in some way due to impact or corrosion.

Like most automotive complaints on this forum, a number of details are usually MIA.

I just had the same repair done to my car. The total repair cost was a little over $100. $75 of that was the diagnoses. $500 seems quite excessive to me.