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Saturn A/C upper schrader valve valve leak

Hello; I have a small leak in the upper A/C shrader valve - what options do I have for an inexpensive repair? I tried stop leak but it hasn’t worked. PPlease help.

There aren’t any options for inexpensive repair. You have to bite the bullet and take it to an A/C shop. The system will have to fully discharged, the valve repaired & then the system evacuated to recharge it.

I heard of a new tool that allows you to change the valve without evacuating the system - is that possible?

also; does that valve ever get loose?

You can buy a schrader kit that has two valves and a tool for tightening (and loosening) the valves. Screw the old one out and the new one in, then recharge the system. It really shouldn’t cost much to have it done at a shop.

Yes, they can be loose. Try tightening the valve first…

Yes. They make a tool that allows the replacement of the Schrader valve without the loss of refrigerant.

These have been around for years. And those who ACTUALLY work on automotive AC systems have these tools for both R12 and R134a systems for replacing the Schrader valves.

If you brought it to my shop, I’d charge $50.00 to replace it. But if you want, you can spend the same amount or more for the tool, and then maybe use it once?


Thanks everyone for your help and advice. Mel

Hello; Has anyone used the tool that allows you to remove and replace the AC Schrader valves without evacuating the system?

I have not used the tool tester speaks of, but I have used a simple schrader valve tool. See my answer in your other thread.