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Air conditioning. honda prelude 200000 m

i have a 1995 ac is original except compressor, it leaks wont hold charge its the only part that leaks. can i replace my self and have mechanic service it for me thainking maybe pick a part used. I know other parts need to be chaged out, how can i go about this? Knowing the mechanic can get cold air for 750.00 wow can somebody assist me in arizona or your previous knowledge would be helpful. thank you.

My opinion is that air conditioning repairs are only for people who know what they’re doing. Otherwise, you can damage the system, injure yourself (especially your eyeballs), or both.

I agree with Lion. AC repairs are best done by someone with the training and specialized equipment to do the job properly and to test for leaks.

If you had an a/c technician evacuate the existing freon from the system you could change the parts yourself then take it back to them to have vacuum pulled on the system and recharged. This would save you the labor of changing the parts, but if you’re not familiar with a/c systems it would be better/safer to let the technician evacuate/recharge. It’s also against federal law to vent freon into the atmosphere and if caught doing so it carries stiff fines. I think the fines use to be up to $25,000 and maybe even imprisonment, but that was several years ago and may have changed since then.

The OP states that the system won’t hold a charge and if so, it’s probably safe to say it’s practically empty. In that case replacement of most parts, such as the compressor, receiver/drier, hoses, etc., is mostly a mechanical issue. That said, there are still some things one needs to know like lubricating the new o-rings with the appropriate A/C oil, making sure the new compressor has enough oil, flushing the system if needed, replacing port schrader valves if necessary, if you use an aftermarket receiver/drier, the fit in the existing bracket might be quite loose and you’ll have to improvise, and a few other details. You might be better off if you let a professional handle this.

THANKS , I AGREE 100% with the reply , thanks again

The $750 for a proper repair is very reasonable. My previous car, a Caprice, had the A/C gradually fail. The quoted rate by a good shop was $900 to replace the compressor and clean out the system.