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Hourly Repair Charges

Help! I have been quoted at $110 an hour (labor only) to fix window regulators, and replace fan belts. Is this ridiculous? And $78 an hour to change an air conditioning tube. I am looking for a good repair shop for a Nissan SUV in Tucson Arizona. The labor costs far exceed the costs of the parts, and make up almost 2/3 of the entire bill (which is about $1550!!)

It may not be ridiculous for that area at all. I would like to hear a clarification about the labor charge.
You state 110 an hour on the window regulators and 78 an hour on an A/C tube.
A shop works on a set, per hour flat rate charge and it does not vary so something is amiss here.

You also state regulator(s) as in plural. How many are you talking about?

Besides, ever sit down and figure out what a doctor or lawyer charges per hour?

i have found a good rule of thumb to calculate what the cost is going to be is to figure out the cost of the parts. double that, then add 15% for other costs.

it isn’t perfect, but it usually comes close.

the price you quoted is a little high, but you may have neglected all details, thus the difference. and i mean a little high, not a lot.

you haven’t given enough information concerning car, model, year, body style, engine size etc etc etc to get a real definitive answer as to suggestions.

this web site home page has a mechanix files search function by zip code to find mechanics that have some history on here.

Also remember the hourly rate is a flat rate per job and not paid by how much time elapses on the clock. Example; If the A/C job is listed to pay two hours then that’s what you pay, even if the tech takes four or five to get around to it you only pay the set JOB price, so don’t let the term “an hour” scare you into watching the clock with fear in your wallet.

And, don’t ever compare parts to labor. There’s no correlation. You could need a 10 cent o-ring that requires four hours of dis-assembly and re-assembly to replace. ( re; diesel pickups )

The labor costs far exceed the costs of the parts, and make up almost 2/3 of the entire bill (which is about $1550!!)

Have you ever had any car repair done before…EVER??? Labor ALWAYS costs about that 2/3rds of the total cost. This is normal. Check around with other mechanics.