Air conditioning drain line plugged 2000 oldsmobil bravada


where do I find the air conditioner drainon the 2000 Oldsmobile Bravada ?

On most cars it is a small hose coming out of the car in front of where the passenger puts their feet.

String trimmer line or careful use of compressed air usually does the trick.

I Recently Posted Instructions For This Procedure Involving an Olds Alero. It Is Usually Pretty Typical From One Make / Model To Another.

It says that it could be caused by stuff blocking the evaporator case drain. It doesn’t say where the drain is located, but you can usually find a short rubber elbow sticking out of the firewall behind the engine, under the hood, probably on the lower half of the firewall (wall between engine and passenger compartment).

GM says to pull the elbow straight off and clean the drain out. I’d use a little piece of wire. It’s only 5" to the other side of the evaporator case. If this was the problem then you should get some bugs, leaves, or other debris to come out of there.

They recommend checking to be sure the elbow’s drain hole is open and spraying a little silicone on it to make it easier slipping it back in place.

I recommend using a short length of soft wire that you can easily bend into a little “L” on the end and try fishing out any debris by gently pulling it out of the drain, rather than pushing it in or blowing air into it. Forcing the debris back in will lead to a recurring problem because the stuff will just go back into the evaporator case only to washed out again and block the drain once more.