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Do A/C Sealants Work?

Someone recommended that I use a product that is put in immediately prior to coolant, (freon, R134, or whatever) to seal any leaks that may be in the air conditioning system. Anybody have any thoughts on this? I have approx. 175,000 miles on this car and do not (cannot) want to spend alot to fix ac. Any response will be appreciated!

Try it and see. If you’re unwilling to pay for a proper fix I don’t see much of an alternative.

It seems sort of mickey mouse to me, but a co-worker swears it sealed his AC leaks and he hasn’t had any problems for several years.

Good luck.

It can help up to a point and a lot depends on exactly what is leaking and how bad it’s leaking. A pinhole in a condenser or evaporator, compressor shaft seal gone in a major league way, etc. then it likely won’t do much good at all.
A small leak around an O-ring seal or shaft seal and it may help.

Most of the time, it does nothing…Automotive systems are just one big leak waiting to happen…

I put in a sealant in my 95 F350 three years ago, and it has done fine since. AC works well, now, and my cost was about $35. Given the age of my system, the alternative was complete replacement, so I felt I was in a no-lose situation if it didn’t work. To my surprise, the sealant has held well, so far.

Thanks for your response that it may not fix the problem. If it doesn’t fix the problem, can it be harmful in any way? I am a student, I don’t have a lot (of dough) to work with, but I don’t want to hurt my car either. Thanks!

"It seems sort of mickey mouse to me, but a co-worker swears it sealed his AC leaks "

Makes me wonder why he apparently has so many leaks.