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Air conditioning

Does EZ coolant,the filler you can buy at at checker etc. ruin or contaminate my cars system? A mechanic is telling me they can’t run a test on my car because I’ve ruined it by putting this stuff in and it will ruin their machines if they flush it out. They say I need a whole new system.

If this stuff has a stop leak in it, then they are correct. Stop leak will jam up their expensive equipment, and it is expensive for them to get that equipment fixed once jammed up. As far as ruining the A/C system, I don’t know about that. But, they won’t put their equipment on the system until all that stuff is purged out, and replacing everything is probably the only way to do it.

If the EZ-Chill refrigerant had a leak sealer in it, this does contaminate the AC system. But it doesn’t mean the entire AC system has to be replaced. When the AC system is serviced and the refrigerant needs to be reclaimed, one of these filters is used between the vehicle and the recovery equipment. This prevents any damage to the recovery equipment from the sealer.