Airbag light on 97 F150

Ok, About 2 months ago I replaced the heater core on my 97 F150 (3 day task). Anyway, I ended up forgetting to plug in the harness to the steering wheel. So with 3 universals and some extensions, I ended up getting the wiring harness plugged in. However, the airbag light flashes a 3-2 code (Clockspring from what I can tell on the internet). Here’s my question, The horn still works, the cruise doesn’t. Is it possible that just re-seating the wiring harness would correct this, or is it most likely the clock spring. It’s odd that it would happen just as I put everything back together. What I’m looking for, is if I forgot to plug something back in, what location would this be in. If it is another wire somewhere, where is it typically located, or if it was a loose connection from the wiring harness, I should not have been able to drive the truck for the last few months. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

My guess it is the the wiring harness.  Likely you did not get it back on correctly or a contact got bent in the process. Good Luck.