Air bag warning light

I have a 99 Plymouth Grand Voyager. The airbag light and bell turn on when the car is running. The seem to come on randomly and immediately turn off. It seems to be initiated by turning the wheel, but I am not sure about that. Is this dangerous? sallyd

It’s dangerous only in the fact it probably won’t deploy if you’re in a accident.

That sounds like a clock spring issue. Mike is right it also means you don’t have air bags when that light is on.

I am in 100% agreement with Mr. Meehan and Mike. If you have the clock spring replaced, it should remedy the problem.

Check with your dealer. Chrysler was replacing clocksprings for free on some vehicles close to that model year due to a recall or TSB. Earlier this year our '97 Town & Country had the light come on and stay on. It was fixed for free by the dealer.

Thanks for this advice. Where is the clockspring and what does it do? Sallyd

The clock spring is in the steering column and it connects all the electrical connections from the car to the steering wheel (the parts that turn to the parts that don’t.